Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Jersey Junk yards

I am a junkyard enthusiast, I travel around looking for especially good deals at junkyards. I have found quite a few that I frequent regularly. In New Jersey there are tons of junk and scrap yards to choose from, especially in towns like Camden. Watch out for some of these guys though, i've bought my fair share of non working parts...
I even bought some fuel injectors that were supposed to be for a 99 z28 Camaro. They didn't even fit and one of them was burned out, turns out they weren't even for Camaro....

You can make quite a bit of money if you find good deals on parts. I run a side business on ebay to sell hard to find parts. If you know what you're looking for you can find some steals at the junkyard. I bought some interior parts from a Dodge Stealth and made a profit of about 500$ on ebay. Craigslist is a very good place to make money as well. I often check out the items wanted section on craigslist, you will find people looking for a certain part and then I go around and see if I can find it for them. A lot of the time I end up repairing their vehicle after I find the part they need, which will make you some extra $ if you're capable.

Once you find a good junkyard, try to make friends with the owners. I have had a lot of luck with this, (if you can sit and talk cars you'll be good) I get first dibs on a lot of parts. One of my buddies lets me sell his parts on ebay for a percentage, which is great because I dont have to worry about losing money, if they don't sell I just give them back.. I've got a lot of free parts as well, I have an old Truck and some idiot backed into me at the grocery store. Friend of mine actually hooked me up with a free fender, and front bumper saved me about 400$.

I'd say if your looking for New Jersey junkyards, one of the best places to go is Camden. Fanelle's R sons is a good place, Kanszierski brothers, and Dragon's junk shop are some other favorites of mine. I regular camden finding parts. You can make quite a bit of money, I serve sometimes as a go between networking with owners of different junkyards, they usually pay me a bit when I locate parts they need for their customers. I would say that I have saved around 12,000 dollars in parts just over the last 2 years alone working on my vehicles. As far as profit I've cleared about 22,000 including my ebay business.

It's hard to find good places to go on the internet. One of the best sites that i've found that will help you with some basics about this is Junk yards in NJ they have a good directory of local junkyards as well. Check em out! The point of this blog was to show you that you can make pretty good money going junkyard hunting, and also that you will save a lot of money on parts! Just because it's a used part doesn't mean that it isn't quality! Who cares if it doesn't work for 4 years, especially if its half price!


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